Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections - Who's in Control?

I know that in this country we are so privileged and blessed to have the right to vote.  Yet election time always leaves me feeling conflicted.  I'm not really a political person. In fact, the older I get, the more politics turns me off.  But then I think about the millions of people around the world who would give their lives to have a say in their future by being able to vote.  So the fact that I have that right, is a heavy responsibility and I try to do my best when it comes time to vote.

Last night I followed the various races and issues and when I went to bed, it was with a heaviness settling over me.  Sometimes it goes the other way and I feel awash with hope that things may change for the better.  However, due to some issues that were being decided and that impact me directly as well as indirectly, there was a cloud hovering over me as I slipped into bed.

This morning,  I drove to work struggling to find hope as I looked to the days ahead.  This country seems to be spiraling further and further away from any moral compass.  And as I drove through the dark morning hours, I felt that darkness engulfing me.  But then something happened. A song came on the radio that reminded me that nothing is truly out of control.

I was reminded that God is in control...and He always has been.  He was in control the day before the election, and He still is in control the day ofter the election. That has never changed, and never will.

So as I try to stay strong in the face of some of these political outcomes and wait for others still to be determined, I do so wrapped in the strong comfort of knowing Who is really in control.  And He will always get my vote.