Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feeling the Pressure

Over the past several months I have had several insights that I felt were worth writing down. I knew that if I didn't record my thoughts somewhere, I would soon forget them completely. So, it has been on my agenda for some time to buy a journal to use as a depository for these thoughts.

However, I just never seemed to find the "right" journal. I didn't want to pay a lot for it...this wouldn't be my first attempt at journaling and my success rate isn't all that great. The journal needed to be lined since my handwriting is horrible and there seems to be a magnetic pull toward the lower right for everything that I write on unlined paper. It had to be just the right size... well, you get the point...I was never going to find the perfect journal!

Then recently, my daughter started writing on her blogspot and she told me that I should set one up. Me? Really? Well, why would certainly put an end to the journal hunt and maybe to my excuses for not writing down the insights that I'd like to remember.

So here I am. And I must say that I'm feeling the pressure! I have the proverbial blank sheet in front of me. I feel like I am at one of those political townhall meetings where they pass around the microphone so audience members can ask the candidates their most burning questions. The problem is, now that the microphone is in my hand, I've forgotten what I wanted to ask!

The saving grace to all of this is the fact that I know that no one else is really going to read this thing. So, I'll cut myself a break. I'll "muse" and I'll "ponder" until I am once again hit with a moment of insight. Then, with any luck, I'll remember how to get back on to this blog and type it up before it forget it!